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As conflict continues to escalate in Haiti, CORE is providing vital services throughout the country. Our staff on the ground are safe and have identified food security as a primary need amidst this crisis. In coordination with our partners World Central Kitchen and Acceso, we are rapidly delivering food kits in the Delmas region of Port-au-Prince, where CORE has been committed long-term to implementing humanitarian programs.

The delivery of these food kits will minimize the need for families to risk their safety searching for sustenance. Each food kit provides three meals a day for an entire month to a household of five and contains staple ingredients such as rice, cooking oil, peanut butter, beans, and canned salmon. CORE and our partners are locally procuring all materials to ensure we support the Haitian economy during this critical time. As of April 2024, we have distributed over 1,500 kits to displaced households with continued distributions planned in the coming weeks and months.

Through this emergency food assistance program, we are acutely focused on reaching the most vulnerable populations, including families with children with disabilities, those living outside of family care, and individuals who have been displaced due to ongoing violence. Our goal is to urgently provide families with enough food kits to be able to prepare half a million meals.

Over 5.5 million people are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance as basic necessities including food, health care, clean drinking water are increasingly difficult to access.

You can help Haiti. 

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CORE is monitoring this evolving situation and will update the information on this page as we learn more. Please check back regularly to learn more about ongoing needs and CORE’s work to expand our outreach as the security situation allows in Port-au-Prince. Our local staff are working remotely to ensure their safety. CORE’s programs in the south have been continuing uninterrupted although supply chain issues resulting from the conflict are threatening to limit the availability of vital resources. 

CORE giving shelter assistance in Haiti

Update 3-14-24:  
The World Food Programme (WFP) issued a note on the impacts of the March 2024 events on household food security. In a new survey, a staggering 44% of Haiti’s population is acutely food insecure, and the rise of violence has deeply worsened the already difficult living conditions for millions of people, especially in the capital. This has put a vulnerable population – especially those living in the lower part of Port-Au-Prince, at further risk with food, health, protection, and water/sanitation needs among the most critical. Families are living in constant fear, unable to leave their homes or access fresh food, clean water, and urgent medical care.  

Update 3-4-24:  
Haiti’s government declared a state of emergency after thousands of inmates escaped from its largest prison during a surge of gang violence that has upended the Carribean nation for months. In recent years, Haiti has been gripped by a wave of unprecedented unrest and gang violence that has targeted police stations, the international airport, and the penitentiary. Warring gangs control much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, choking off vital supply lines to the rest of the country. Gang members have also terrorized the Metropolitain population, forcing more than 300,000 people to flee their homes amid waves of indiscriminate killing, kidnapping, arson, and rape. 

Our work in Haiti.

CORE began working in Haiti in 2010 in response to the catastrophic earthquake that devastated the nation. Since then, we have been running community building programs to build back a stronger Haiti while supporting emerging needs in response to additional crises over the years. 






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