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Emergency Response Team 

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CORE is committed to delivering immediate relief and sustained assistance to communities facing humanitarian disasters worldwide. Our Emergency Response Team (ERT) plays a key role, providing essential support during these critical times. We welcome individuals eager to contribute their skills and compassion, helping to positively impact vulnerable communities. 

Ways to Get Involved.

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Emergency Response Roster

These positions are designed for professionals with expertise in specific areas vital to humanitarian disaster response.   


The nature of emergencies means that deployment opportunities, including their type, duration and location, vary according to communities’ needs in each situation. Employment and compensation for these roles are activated upon deployment and tailored to the role. As a member of our Emergency Response Roster, readiness to deploy at a moment’s notice is essential, allowing you to contribute your valuable skills when they are most needed.  

Emergency Response Volunteers

Volunteers form the backbone of our domestic emergency operations. Your dedication and hard work enable us to significantly expand our impact. Volunteers play a vital role in all facets of our US-based operations, from on-the-ground assistance to logistical support. Your willingness to help, regardless of your skill level, is invaluable to our mission’s success. 

Support for Deployed Roster Members and Specialized Volunteers

At CORE, we are deeply committed to supporting our roster members and specialized volunteers who play a crucial role in our emergency response efforts. Our goal is to ensure your safety, health, and well-being so that the team is well-prepared to make a significant impact on the communities we serve.Recognizing the unique challenges of each deployment, we offer a suite of support tailored to the specific operational context.

Housing: CORE provides housing accommodations that are carefully selected to ensure the safety and comfort of our ERT. Housing may vary—ranging from shared accommodations with fellow responders to other appropriate lodging options, all determined by the specific needs of the operation at hand. 

Daily Essentials: Recognizing the importance of your well-being while deployed, CORE ensures the provision of essential needs such as food, water, and local transportation. We aim to meet health or religious dietary requirements and maintain the overall health of our team members, within the logistical parameters of the operation. 

Travel: CORE covers necessary travel expenses, including flights, and any required travel documents for international travel. These provisions are arranged to balance operational efficiency with the safety and well-being of our team, tailored to the specifics of each deployment. 

Adaptable Support Based on Operational Needs: Our commitment is to equip  our team members effectively. The support provided by CORE is designed to be flexible, adapting to location, scale, and duration of the operation. We acknowledge the dynamic nature of emergency response and humanitarian work and the diverse challenges they present. 

We are immensely grateful for the dedication, skills, and compassion of our roster members and volunteers. Your willingness to serve in various and often challenging conditions enables us to deliver timely and effective assistance to communities recovering from crises. 

We welcome individuals from all walks of life to join our ERT. Whether you are a professional with specialized skills or someone eager to volunteer and make a difference, your contribution is crucial to our mission and impact. 


CORE is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. 

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Together, we stand ready to support communities impacted by humanitarian crisis. Join us in making a meaningful difference worldwide.