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Sudan Crisis

CORE is working with local communities to provide vital humanitarian relief to those most impacted by the ongoing conflict in Sudan.

Help empower communities in crisis.

CORE’s response to the conflict in Sudan and crises across the globe are made possible by your generosity. Together, we can support those who need it most.

Emergency Relief | 2023

What damage has the 2023 conflict in Sudan caused?

In April 2023, the alliance between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) collapsed into violence. The conflict has spread across the country, resulting in widespread displacement, death, injury, and destruction. As of July 2023, over 3 million individuals across Sudan have been displaced. 


Humanitarian organizations’ offices are being looted; cars and roads are being destroyed; and getting critical supplies in is nearly impossible. As a result, local organizations and volunteers have been left to provide the majority of relief. 


Source: ACAPS 

What are the ongoing needs of conflict-affected communities in Sudan? 

  • Food: Agricultural production and trade have been disrupted, and many people have been forced to flee their homes, leaving them without access to food. Up to 2.5 million additional people are expected to experience hunger in Sudan in the coming months due to ongoing violence. (World Food Programme, July 2023) 
  • Water and sanitation: Access to safe water and sanitation is also a major challenge for people affected by the conflict. In some areas, water supplies have been cut off, and sanitation facilities have been destroyed. This has led to a high risk of waterborne diseases, such as cholera and diarrhea. (UNICEF, July 2023) 
  • Shelter: Many people who have been displaced by the conflict are living in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions and need access to safe and adequate shelter. Over 2.4 million people are internally displaced within Sudan, and an additional 740,000 have been displaced in neighboring countries. (UNHCR, July 2023) 
  • Healthcare: The conflict has also had a significant impact on the healthcare system in Sudan. Many hospitals and clinics have been damaged or destroyed, and there is a shortage of medical supplies. Over 10 million people are in need of health assistance. (WHO, July 2023) 
  • Protection: Women and children are particularly vulnerable to violence and exploitation during times of conflict. As of June 2023, the UN human rights office (OHCHR) had received reports of 12 incidents of conflict-related sexual violence against at least 37 women in Sudan. (UN Women, June 2023) 

How is CORE helping support those impacted by the 2023 conflict in Sudan? 

CORE is working with a local partner to assess critical needs of affected communities and determine the best methods to get relief and cash assistance in the hands of individuals who need support immediately.

CORE will continue to look at where we can make the most impact and expand our outreach as needed. Community mobilization within Sudan is critical and we’re working on reaching the most vulnerable communities as the conflict continues.