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Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

CORE is on the ground in Ukraine, Poland and Romania, supporting critical needs of refugees and IDPs.

You can help empower Ukrainians.

Russia’s intensified attacks on Ukraine have caused extensive damage to civilian infrastructure. Since March 2024, there have been five waves of attacks – disrupting power and gas access and compromising water supply for millions of civilians. CORE has identified 4 hromadas (communities) that urgently need our support. Many families are living in damaged homes with no access to clean drinking water or gas to heat their homes and cook. Help us reach our goal of installing 3 water towers and 4 power generators within the Myoklaiv, Kherson, and Kharkiv regions.

$20,797 /$500,000
An Ukrainian woman receiving a food package from CORE.


Feeding Families

Provides a food kit for a family of five for 1 month.

Woman carrying medicine boxes in Ukraine.


Improving Health

Provides 10 hygiene kits for a person with special needs for 1 month.


Providing Housing

Provides rental assistance for a family of four for an entire year.


Facilitating Education

Provides 15 children with laptops to study for online school.

Emergency Relief | 2022-now

What caused the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine? 

Russian forces invaded Ukraine in February 2022, causing mass causalities and widespread destruction of infrastructure. Consequently, millions of Ukrainians were forced to flee their homes seeking safety and immediate assistance. The invasion created the largest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II, as entire families were unable to meet basic needs including food, medication, and hygiene items. Access to safe shelter and cash assistance were critical for those resettling away from their homes.  

As the war enters its third year in February 2024, the UN estimates that 14.6 million people remain vulnerable, and in need of humanitarian relief. Emergency and long-term recovery support continue to be vital for Ukrainians as they return home to the frontlines, or build their lives in new, unfamiliar regions throughout the country. Repairing damaged homes and shelters; restoring critical gas and water infrastructure; finding stable work, food, and shelter; and safely returning children to school are priorities for many.  

How is CORE helping in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania? 

Since the start of the war, CORE’s teams have been working to provide emergency and long-term support, collaborating with international and local partners to meet the critical needs of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Romania, and IDPs and vulnerable communities within Ukraine. 

Our response includes: 


> Flexible cash assistance to help refugee families get immediate access to essential items, such as food, water, and safe transit to shelter 


> Substantial repair and reconstruction of community-based shelters, individual households and hosting sites 


> Provision of critical nonfood items (NFIs) to collective centers and healthcare facilities, including construction materials, laundry machines, diesel generators to sustain operations of central water and heating systems during blackouts, and coal and firewood for warmth during winter  


Distribution of food and hygiene kits customized for the needs of vulnerable populations 


> Restoration of water towers and centralized water systems, pumps, and tanks 


> Supplying digital tools and software to serve affected populations, especially persons with disabilities, through partnership with administrative centers 


> Supporting agricultural sector with fuel for harvesting and demining 


> Mental wellness and protection services for refugees, particularly women and children 


> Information points for refugees in need  

How is CORE supporting long-term relief in Ukraine?

In addition to ongoing emergency relief, CORE is working on longer-term measures to empower Ukrainians impacted by the war. Alongside local community organizations and governments, we’re working to restore life-sustaining civilian infrastructure, such as water towers and gas tanks, and creating more sustainable and comfortable shelter solutions and community spaces for IDPs. Further, CORE offers livelihoods support to displaced Ukrainians through employment assistance and resource coordination.


CORE is supporting the repair and construction of bomb shelters in schools and hospitals in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine. These additions to our evolving efforts will ensure that, despite the active war, students can safely return to classrooms and continue their education among their peers.

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