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About Us

We are a crisis response organization that brings immediate aid and recovery to underserved communities across the globe. 

A more equitable future starts with addressing 

the intersection of disaster and social justice. Head on.

Here’s the brutal reality: those most impacted by disaster consistently are those who also suffer from systemic inequalities. Traditional relief is often too rigid, too late, doesn’t reach those most in need, and can create unintended harm on local communities. As a result, marginalized populations remain in a never-ending cycle of poverty and disaster. 


When a crisis strikes, CORE responds immediately to fill gaps, mobilize resources, and establish trust and collaboration from within communities to empower them to break these vicious cycles. We are not saviors who swoop in with heavy boots and a master plan. We’re a nimble organization that quickly adapts to communities’ needs as they evolve. Our efforts are fueled by local hands, and we partner with local leaders, organizations, governments, and other stakeholders to bring equitable relief directly to those who need it most.  

Our Mission.

We empower communities in and beyond crisis.

Our Vision.

We envision a more equitable world in which underserved communities are prepared and can effectively respond to crisis from within.

Our Values.

We listen, we learn, and then we act. Everything we do is driven by compassion, respect, inclusion, diversity, and equity. 

CORE Ian Response Tarping in FtMyers

Our Story.

CORE’s journey began in 2010 out of instinct and an ethical imperative to save lives in the wake of one of the most devastating disasters in human history 

Our Team.

CORE’s ability to impact communities is driven by the inspired efforts of our team. From our staff and leadership, to volunteers who rise up when disaster strikes, it’s the passionate individuals who come together that make it all possible. 

Our Partners.

Here are a few of our proud partners… 

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