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Support communities impacted by Hurricane Beryl today.

Now making landfall in Mexico, Hurricane Beryl left a trail of devastation in the eastern Caribbean, with multiple islands seeing incredible destruction to homes and infrastructure, widespread power outages, and tons of debris. CORE had been monitoring the powerful storm as it threatened to batter Jamaica on Wednesday; and while officials say the island avoided a catastrophic scenario, thousands were impacted and need immediate relief.  


CORE’s emergency response team is deploying to Jamaica and Grenada to rapidly assess needs in the wake of this historic storm and an initial allotment of relief supplies is enroute via ship to Jamaica reaching this weekend. Based on our previous hurricane response work in the Caribbean, we are prepared to provide hygiene kits and other critical supplies, deliver cash assistance and potentially provide debris removal and/or tarping services if needed.  

Hurricane Beryl has already made history as one of the strongest and earliest climate change-fueled storms in a hurricane season and serves as an ominous warning for climate emergencies to come. Your urgent support saves lives and helps create a more equitable future for those who need relief most across the globe.