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Haiti COVID-19 Response

Public Health | 2020-NOW  

How has COVID-19 affected Haiti?

COVID-19 has created immense public health issues for Haiti and compounded existing countrywide challenges and instability.  


Haiti has struggled to meet the needs of its 11 million inhabitants already facing impoverished and over-crowded living conditions, lack of access to basic services, chronic socio-political instability, vulnerability to natural disasters, and an increasing chronic food insecurity for households reliant on imports. As a result, many communities have been left vulnerable to the damaging effects of the virus, particularly vulnerable and marginalized populations. 

How is CORE helping to provide COVID-19 relief in Haiti? 

Led by our existing Haiti-based team, CORE is providing free COVID-19 vaccines to hard-hit and vulnerable communities, mobilizing directly to those who need them most. We are working with our partners at the Ministry of Health, the Haitian government, and GHESKIO to strengthen existing systems and add capacity through providing training, staffing, and technological support. 


CORE is also working with communities on educational and prevention initiatives, including establishing water stations and distributing hygiene kits to ensure markets and neighborhoods are as safe as possible. 


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