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Hurricane Fiona

Emergency Relief | 2022

What damage did Hurricane Fiona cause in Puerto Rico?

In September 2022, Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Puerto Rico, dumping over two feet of water in some locations. In the immediate aftermath, the entire island’s electricity was cut, leaving a million people (one-third of the population) without access to clean water.   


Areas of Puerto Rico’s southwest region near Ponce were heavily impacted, with mountain communities severely affected by mudslides and debris, due to torrential rainfall and heavy winds. 

How CORE helped in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona? 

CORE coordinated with partners Elevance, Mail from Heaven, GoGo Foundation, Ponce Medical School Foundation, and Adecco as well as the government to support those most impacted by Hurricane Fiona.  


We monitored gaps to assess the most critical relief to offer families impacted by landslides. We conducted home repairs, distributed tarps, hydration packets, cooler bags for insulin storage, generators, and hired staff to assist with FEMA applications. This multifaceted approach by CORE not only provided immediate relief but also established a foundation for sustainable resilience in the face of future disaster.  

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