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Climate Resilience


CORE works together with communities, local governments, and residents of vulnerable neighborhoods to build resilience to the increasing effects of climate change in California.

Why is climate resilience work needed in California?

Recent rapid shifts in temperature and precipitation seen worldwide are already having severe impact on the most vulnerable communities in California. As the effects of climate change continue to increase, significant steps are needed to mitigate devastating effects on those most at risk through preparedness and other proactive measures to help them adapt 

What is CORE doing to support climate resilience in California?

CORE is dedicated to supporting resilience in at-risk communities. In partnership with California Volunteers and California Climate Corps, we work with local communities to understand their specific needs and take proactive measures aimed at strengthening their resilience to disaster. 


Powered by local volunteers, we organize and support events in at-risk communities focused on wildfire mitigation, urban greening, community gardening, sustainable food practices (reducing waste), disaster preparedness, and more. 


New: Take Climate Action as CERC Fellow

Join CORE’s Climate Resilience and Disaster Preparedness team today as a Fellow through our partnership with AmeriCorps, California Emergency Response Corps.


Through this opportunity, Fellows will contribute to building and maintaining community-based partnerships aligned with grants on disaster preparedness awareness, education, and climate action volunteering. Collaborate with community partners to develop CORE projects, lead events and update social media platforms, promoting environmental stewardship and climate action awareness. 

Learn more about the role here. 

Apply now to make an impact with CORE! 


It takes a community to build resilience.

CORE’s climate resilience events in California promote environmental stewardship and climate action awareness for all. 

Whether it’s learning something new about changes to weather, spending time with other passionate people, or just giving back to your community, CORE is always looking for volunteers to get involved and help build stronger, more climate-resilient communities. 

Select a volunteer event on the calendar below to learn more and sign up – or visit us at one of our upcoming farmer’s market events to learn about local community resources near you! 


Upcoming California Volunteer Events and Workshops.



Interested in hosting a free disaster preparedness workshop for your community, have a volunteer group and would like to partner with us on a climate service project, or have any questions? We’d love to hear from you.
Email us at [email protected] to get in touch with our Climate Resilience & Disaster Preparedness team. 

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