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Hurricane Idalia

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Emergency Relief | 2023

What damage did Hurricane Idalia cause in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas?

On August 30, 2023, Hurricane Idalia made landfall as a Category 3 storm on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The powerful storm brought winds up to 130 mph, making Idalia the strongest storm in recorded history to make landfall in the state’s Big Bend region in over 125 years.


Dangerous storm surges, high-sustained wind speeds, and heavy flooding severely impacted local communities and infrastructure in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, in addition to stranding more than 450,000 people without power in the storm’s initial aftermath. As the damage continued to be assessed throughout the Southeastern U.S., many communities were faced with addressing their immediate needs for shelter repair, power restoration, and essential resources.


Making landfall two years after Hurricane Ida (Louisiana) and nearly a year after Hurricane Ian (Florida) ravaged local communities and infrastructure in the Gulf Coast, local community-based organizations and state and federal agencies  rapidly addressed immediate needs brought on by Hurricane Idalia. Long-term recovery efforts will be critical for those most affected by the storm.

How did CORE help support those impacted by Hurricane Idalia ? 

CORE responded quickly to provide critical relief to low-income and high-risk communities impacted by Hurricane Idalia. In coordination with our partners, including Salvation Army, GA VOAD, American Red Cross, and GA Housing Authority, and our local team already on the ground in Georgia, we deployed an emergency response team to assess the immediate needs of hard-hit communities in Lowndes County, Georgia.


We managed various points of distribution (PODs) throughout the county to provide water, hygiene kits, hot meals, and other essential relief items to thousands of community members. Our emergency relief efforts focused on providing critical support to underserved communities in Georgia, including the Val Del mobile home community and several Section 8 housing sites.


people supported in underserved communities in Georgia

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