On September 1, 2019, Category 5 Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas, causing widespread devastation on the northern islands of Abaco and Grand BahamaS leaving thousands displaced and destroying CRITICAL infrastructure. Within days, CORE deployed an emergency response team to provide immediate relief and we are still there today, supporting the most impacted communities AS THEY recover and rebuild.


Search + Rescue

In partnership with the Municipality of San Juan, CORE deployed a search and rescue team seasoned from their first-hand experience responding to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.


Mobile Medical Clinics

CORE’s mobile medical clinic provided hard hit communities access to emergency care immediately following Hurricane Dorian. Our team of experienced doctors and nurses from the Municipality of San Juan were able to treat difficult to reach patients in the field, who otherwise would not have received critical care. With a focus on children and seniors, especially vulnerable populations, our mobile clinic treated conditions from trauma and dehydration to broken bones and infections.


Long-Term Recovery

Today, CORE is working on the ground in Abaco and the East End of Grand Bahamas Island to support the hardest hit communities recover through debris removal, housing repair, community infrastructure planning, and economic support. Our holistic approach to disaster relief focuses on the multifaceted needs of each region, we offer local workers the opportunity to participate in the recovery and maintain economic stability. To date, we have removed over 6,211 cubic yards of debris.



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