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San Diego

San Diego Floods

CORE worked with local communities to provide critical relief to those most impacted by the San Diego floods.

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Emergency Relief | 2024 

What damage did the 2024 San Diego floods cause?

In January 2024, torrential rain and major flooding impacted communities across southeastern San Diego, causing widespread damage and devastation. Residents in the Southcrest and Spring Valley neighborhoods found themselves submerged in flood water, while personal belongings, cars, and tons of debris were violently swept away into the streets.


This rare storm is yet another example of the catastrophic effects of climate change in California, particularly in underserved communities. The devastating rains overwhelmed the city’s fragile storm infrastructure, engulfing hundreds of homes and businesses and causing an estimated $25 million in damages. Over 1,000 tons of debris were removed by city staff as of January 25. Experts labeled this historic rainfall as a ‘thousand-year event’, prompting Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency in San Diego to support recovery from the winter storms.


Given that a federal emergency was not declared, critical FEMA funding was not made available to those in great need. Therefore, as residents continue to come to terms with what has been lost, it is up to state agencies and community-based organizations to address immediate needs and support longer-term recovery efforts for those most affected by the floods.

How did CORE help support those impacted by the 2024 San Diego floods? 

CORE’s team deployed within a week of the floods to meet with local and statewide agencies, such as San Diego VOAD, to assess how we can best support impacted communities. We partnered with the nonprofit All Hands and Hearts to conduct home damage assessments and supported the mucking and gutting of flood-damaged houses to help community members return home. Mucking is the removal of mud or other material from a home, caused by flooding. Gutting is the removal of damaged materials like drywall or insulation.