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Siskiyou County Wildfires

Emergency Relief | 2022

What damage did the 2022 wildfires in Siskiyou County cause?

Massive wildfires devastated communities in Northern California’s Siskiyou County near the border of Oregon in July and August 2022, claiming lives and destroying countless homes and other structures. The McKinney Fire quickly became California’s largest wildfire of the year, spreading rapidly and posing widespread threats, particularly to vulnerable populations in the danger zone. 

How did CORE help provide relief for the wildfires in Northern California?

CORE worked alongside the Incident Management Team to coordinate critical needs for those affected by the McKinney Fire and worked rapidly to protect vulnerable communities in the path of potential devastation. Our emergency response focused on:    


> Preparation – creating defensible spaces ahead of the fire; cleaning out gutters and roofs, clearing vegetation; assisting with animal security.


> Shelter supportproviding essential mobile charging and Wi-Fi stations.


We are coordinating with local partners to adapt our response to community needs as the crisis continues to evolve.


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