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California Floods

CORE worked with local partners and government to support the needs of communities in Merced County most impacted by flooding in California. 

Emergency Relief | 2023 

What damage has flooding in California caused?

From December 2022 to January 2023, California experienced a series of severe winter storms that brought on substantial flooding and mudslides throughout much of the state. Many low-income and vulnerable communities, including Merced County, one of the state’s largest agricultural producing counties, suffered major damage to households and businesses stemming from the torrential rainfall. 

How is CORE helping support those affected by flooding in California? 

CORE worked alongside FEMA, CAL OES, NorCal VOAD, and Merced EMA to provide critical disaster assistance to those affected by flooding in California’s Merced County. Our efforts focused on providing hard-hit individuals and families with: 


> Hygiene kits 

> Home cleanup and repairs  

> Tents for unhoused populations who lost their homes due to flooding 

> Tech kits and internet solutions to connect those without access and/or power 

You can help empower communities. 

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