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California COVID-19 Response

CORE is providing free COVID-19 relief to the hardest-hit and most vulnerable communities in California.

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How has COVID-19 impacted communities in California?

Like many states across the U.S., COVID-19 has devastated many low-income and marginalized communities in California, many of whom lack access to healthcare and essential resources to protect themselves from the virus.

How is CORE helping provide COVID-19 relief in California? 

Since 2020, CORE has been providing free COVID-19 relief directly to the hardest-hit and most vulnerable communities in California, with a focus on Los Angeles and Alameda County. Alongside our partners, we have been operating fixed and mobile COVID-19 vaccines and testing sites to increase availability to communities most impacted by the pandemic, including one of the largest mass testing and vaccination sites in the world at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. 


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What other resources has CORE provided to support underserved communities in California during the pandemic?

To proactively address COVID-19 vaccine inequity and eliminate barriers to reach Los Angeles’ most vulnerable populations, CORE launched “It’s Time Los Angeles,” a multilingual vaccination awareness and acceptance campaign designed to increase the rate of vaccinations for the city’s most vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities, including Latino, Black and Asian American and Pacific Islander populations. (READ MORE) 

CORE has also supported vulnerable community members in Los Angeles through our ResourceConnect program focused on connecting them with essential resources, including health and food resources, unemployment assistance, and other basic services.




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