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India COVID-19 Response


What was the COVID-19 situation in India in 2021-22?

India was a major hotspot for COVID-19 throughout the pandemic.  


In May 2021, the world’s second-most populous country of nearly 1.4 billion residents suffered a record-breaking COVID-19 wave, which peaked at nearly 400,000 new cases and over 4,000 deaths per day- staggering numbers alone despite underreporting. 

How did CORE provide COVID-19 relief in India? 

CORE partnered with local community organizations and governments in Pune and Mumbai to provide critical relief to the most vulnerable and hardest hit populations, specifically targeting slum communities with limited access to vital resources. 


Our locally based staff administered 95,000 free vaccines; distributed medical kits with hygiene items, medications, symptom-tracking tools (e.g., pulse-oximeters, thermometers), and PPE; expanded capacity of local efforts; and facilitated transportation to vaccine sites for hard-to-reach populations. 


Through these efforts, CORE reached vulnerable and marginalized groups who were being impacted disproportionately by COVID-19, including migrant laborers, sex workers, microentrepreneurs, street vendors, home-based workers, and waste collectors. 


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