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Together, we can continue to make a difference. Join CORE in empowering vulnerable families with resources so they can heal and rebuild their lives.

$25 can supply a care kit with soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, detergent, and sanitary items to maintain the health of a Turkey earthquake-survivor


$50 can cover the cost of a blanket and fuel to keep a Ukrainian refugee family in Romania warm in temporary shelters


$75 can provide flood-impacted communities in Pakistan with mosquito nets to protect against life-threatening diseases


$100 can provide cash assistance to purchase food and clothing for families at the US Southern border who are fleeing violence in Central America 


$500 can cover the cost of 25 books for Ukrainian children to help them process the trauma of fleeing home and experiencing war

*Your generous donation will be used efficiently to reach communities impacted by emergencies around the world. Thank you for your gift.



CORE’s mission is to empower communities in and beyond crisis. Our vision is a more equitable world in which underserved communities are prepared and can effectively respond to crisis from within. When a crisis strikes, CORE responds immediately to fill gaps, mobilize resources, and establish trust and collaboration from within communities to empower them to break these vicious cycles.