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Brazil Floods

Emergency Relief | 2021-22

What caused the floods in Brazil?

In December 2021, record rainfall fell on the state of Bahia in the northeast of Brazil following years of severe drought, resulting in one of the worst disasters in Bahia’s history. Over 300 casualties were recorded, 60,000 people were displaced, and many families lost all their possessions.


A few months later in February 2022, the city of Petrópolis in the mountains outside of Rio de Janeiro received a rare deluge of intense rain that caused severe flooding and landslides, killing over 200 people, displacing thousands, and decimating homes, cars, and Petrópolis’ infrastructure. 

How did CORE help after the floods in Brazil? 

In rapid response to the floods in Bahia, CORE coordinated with local partners to provide those most impacted with essential resources, including family-sized hygiene kits, pressure cookers, and mattresses. Our efforts focused on supporting marginalized Indigenous and quilombola (Afro-Brazilian) communities. 


When the floods and landslides devastated Petrópolis, CORE’s team in Rio de Janeiro quickly mobilized to assess urgent needs and fill gaps. We distributed family-sized hygiene and cleanup kits, supported 1,000 displaced individuals with cash assistance, and provided critical debris removal, clearing 8.5 million pounds of debris in some of the most affected parts of the city. 

8.5 million

pounds of debris removed


hygiene kits and

essential resources distributed 


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