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Brazil COVID-19 Response

Public Health | 2020-2022  

What was the COVID-19 situation in Brazil 2020-21?

Brazil has been a hotspot for COVID-19 throughout the pandemic, leading South America in deaths and cases. In 2021, the rollout of the vaccine was met with a variety of challenges, which led to low vaccination rates and left vulnerable populations at severe risk. 

How did CORE provide COVID-19 relief in Brazil? 

CORE partnered with Viva Rio, the City of Rio de Janeiro, and the Ministry of Health to administer 420,000 free COVID-19 vaccinations and 200,000 tests to communities in Rio de Janeiro, targeting the most vulnerable and hardest hit populations. 

In addition to providing staffing and support to optimize the vaccination process, we also teamed up with Rio’s Youth Secretary to collect and distribute 17,000 pounds of food items and worked with Viva Rio to provide pregnant and lactating mothers living in low-income slum communities with food vouchers, supporting over 8,000 families during an uncertain time. 

Through this integrated approach, CORE, alongside our partners, helped boost vaccination rates in Rio de Janeiro and protect the populations being hit hardest by the pandemic. 


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