Our Programs

CORE responds to needs on the ground as they evolve, while simultaneously working to address the root of disaster. Focusing on holistic sustainable solutions, we build systems that better prepare communities for crisis and prevent the effects of devastation on the most vulnerable populations.


Emergency Relief

We act both quickly and strategically in the face of crisis, in order to address the immediate damage on the ground, doing whatever it takes to save lives and stabilize the local community.


Disaster Preparedness

Crisis mitigation means understanding the vulnerabilities that exist before emergency efforts are needed. We build systems that equip at-risk communities with the ability to fight back when faced with disaster. 


Environmental Resilience

From hurricanes to wildfires, it’s impossible to ignore climate change’s role in causing natural disasters. We are committed to a future where our environment is no longer at the root of the crisis, but rather a system of support.


Community Building

We support one of the largest municipalities in Port au Prince through education, vocational training, community health, programs targeting women, and a dynamic community space.