Environmental Resilience


From hurricanes to wildfires, it’s impossible to ignore climate change’s role in causing natural disasters. We are committed to a future where our environment is no longer at the root of the crisis, but rather a system of support.


Haiti Takes Root (HTR) is an innovative program addressing Haiti’s environmental crisis that targets the broader impact of climate change. In partnership with the World Bank, the governments of Haiti and France, and the Parker Foundation, HTR has developed a 30 year plan to overcome the environmental and economic consequences of climate change in Haiti by focusing on reforestation and supporting local farmers.


Puerto Rico

We are collaborating with the Caribbean Climate Smart Action Coalition, a group of experts working to provide an in-depth analysis of food systems and landscapes to build back a stronger, greener, and disaster resilient country.


Climate Disaster Fund

Climate change is increasingly the root cause of the natural disasters we face today. The Climate Disaster Fund is a coalition of like-minded organizations that work hand-in-hand with municipal governments, communities, and the private sector to help them respond with speed and rebuild with vision when disaster strikes.