Emergency Relief


We act both quickly and strategically in the face of crisis, in order to address the immediate damage on the ground, doing whatever it takes to save lives and stabilize the local community.



CORE is Haiti’s premier, Haitian-led humanitarian organization. From relief efforts enacted after the 2010 earthquake to the work leading post-disaster response to Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and the earthquake in Haiti’s Northwest in 2018, we continue to provide immediate relief and implement sustainable programs that better prepare communities for disaster.

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North Carolina

On September 14, 2018, Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, causing massive flooding and displacing thousands of people from their homes. CORE, in coordination with our partners, immediately identified and responded to communities in the hardest hit regions.



Immediately following Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Michael hit the coast of Florida. CORE deployed a response team from Haiti and the US to provide immediate assistance to those impacted by the hurricane. In the months to follow, CORE continued to work on the ground, repairing roofs and structural damage for over 100 families and community members.


Antigua & Barbuda

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma made landfall, devastating communities throughout Antigua and Barbuda and causing 150 million dollars in damage to the islands. CORE provided post-disaster technical support using drone mapping and damage assessment post-Hurricanes Maria and Irma. Our post-disaster assessments were in turn implemented by our partner, Waitt Foundation, to support their efforts to rebuild.


Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria, we assisted Puerto Rico in identifying urgent construction needs in the safe rebuild of their communities. CORE worked in Rincon to identify solutions for their damaged potable water system and conducted comprehensive architectural needs assessments throughout the most impacted regions on the island.