Community Building


We support one of the largest municipalities in Port au Prince through education, vocational training, community health, programs targeting women, and a dynamic community space. 


Building Back Better Neighborhoods

In addition to the immediate relief efforts in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and 2016’s Hurricane Matthew, CORE has also implemented long term development programs, community planning, and housing and infrastructure rehabilitation projects in the most devastated communities.


The University of Haiti: Faculty of Sciences Department

Funded by the Qatar Haiti Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank, CORE is rebuilding the previously destroyed classrooms and laboratory buildings, which will benefit 2,215 students, professors, and administrative staff. This effort is comprised of female-led planning, construction, and engineer teams.


The School of Hope

CORE founded The School of Hope to provide quality education for children residing in the 60,000-person displacement camp following the devastating 2010 earthquake. As the first school in Haiti to serve children with disabilities, The School of Hope continues to provide equal access to education for children from the most marginalized communities.


Integrated Music and Arts Education

Founded on the belief that music is a transformational tool that brings about change in the lives of young people, our program trains teachers and provides technical support on instruments, music and art classes, and working with special needs children.


Community Development Campus

The campus serves as a focal point for community members to gather: youth can partake in extracurricular activities, while adults benefit from vocational training to build their careers.


Dental Clinic

The dental clinic offers a selection of services for the greater community of Port-au-Prince, from basic teeth cleanings to one of Haiti’s only orthodontic clinics.


Women’s Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs make significant contributions to their economies by providing jobs and livelihood opportunities; our program has become a critical voice for women’s inclusion in the labor market, empowering local businesswomen and equipping them with the skills to succeed.