On January 12th, 2010

In a matter of 35 seconds, 250,000 Haitian lives were lost and the nation was changed forever.

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Within hours of this unprecedented disaster,

CORE founder, Sean Penn, had mobilized a powerful network of doctors, emergency workers, and government officials to take immediate action. We continue to work in Haiti with a team of 150+ Haitian employees working to rebuild and re-imagine communities every day.

Our life-saving programs revolve around building healthier and safer neighborhoods to mitigate the scale of devastation caused by disaster. We see it time and time again, when a crisis strikes it’s the marginalized, vulnerable communities that suffer most—wherever they might be. Whether it’s the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, the underserved neighborhoods of Houston, or the informal settlements of Port-au-Prince or San Juan, low income communities are more likely to suffer in a natural disaster, and are too often left to fend for themselves in recovery.


Unwilling to ignore this harsh truth of inequality,

we developed a holistic approach that focuses on the power of being both reactive and proactive: disaster relief and preparedness, youth development and education, infrastructure and neighborhood planning, women’s entrepreneurship, reforestation and climate resilience, and community health. Together with our partners, we have scaled a one-of-a-kind, systematic approach that empowers and enables the ability to act before and beyond a disaster.

Our experience in Haiti has taught us that disaster relief and recovery requires a willingness to go where others do not, and the ability to identify and solve the deeper issues that amplify the devastation facing affected communities.


While our programs have expanded to Puerto Rico, across the Caribbean, and to the US gulf states, Haiti remains the heart of all our efforts. It’s where we began and learned, grew and evolved; and it’s what inspires, drives, and informs our efforts. Today, CORE continues to lead the charge for a better tomorrow.


Our Vision

CORE faces the realities of disaster fearlessly, working on the ground to not only rebuild communities in the face of emergency, but to also create programs that focus on preparedness and resilience.


Staff & Leadership

CORE’s ability to impact communities is emboldened by our staff and leadership. From full-time staff in Haiti to volunteers who step in when disaster strikes, it’s the people that come together that make it all possible.



Here are a few of the organizations We are proudly partnered with